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Dip L.2 HSC 025 The role of the health and social care worker Thomas Horn
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1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship (HSC 025 01-1) a working relationship is different from a personal one because of boundries, professional codes of conduct there are employer policies and procedures

allthough in your working relationship you would be friendly and treat everyone with equality you would also know your role and responsibility, you wouldn't share personal information as you would a personal relationship. There perhaps is no emotional attachment and is primarily based around your job.

Your assessor is happy with your answer to the above question. very good, whilst at work it is very important to maintain your professional boundries.

2 Describe different working relationships in the health and social care setting (HSC 025 02-1) In health and social care settings there are many different examples of working relationships, these would include: colleauges, managers, clinical staff such as nurses, other professionals such as doctors/district nurses, social workers, advocates, the service user and their family and friends. For each of these you would build a different relationship, some perhaps being more formal than the other.

The support staff or care worker will have to work with various differing people/bodies, however we are all working towards the same goal, which is to give the best possible service possible to the user, taking into account there specific wants and needs.

Your assessor is happy with your answer to the above question. well done this is a much better answer showing good understaning of who is invovled in health and social care.

3 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of your job role (HSC 025 02-1) it is important as this sets out the boundries for your job, allowing you to know your scope of...
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