Attending College

Topics: College, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: March 6, 2013
“Better late than never” is a term used by many people quite loosely. It is sometimes very applicable in many cases or situations that may occur, but in the case of attending college or receiving college education, the term should be changed to "Better early than never". The gate of college is the ideal path to everyone who is capable of passing Today's world is based off a knowledge based prospective, so having an education is a gateway to numerous opportunities, people should attend college for three main factors and those would be preparing for a lifetime career, taking responsibility, and gaining practical and valuable life experiences. Firstly, preparing for a lifetime career, high school is just a simple step in a growing adult's life but when it is over one should start to learn how to move on with his/her life and prepare for a lifetime career. Attending college is the right choice to take for these people who want to have a successful future. When attending college a person is taught a lot about how to prepare for his/her upcoming career and what should be done to avoid troubles in the future. College provides knowledge to these young adults and encourages them to make right choices in the future or how to manage their time to be better engineers or business men. A person cannot move on to be successful without the knowledge provided by colleges; for example, a person cannot be an engineer who does not know anything about knowledge of engineering, or a person cannot set foot in a good paying future job without enough experience. A lot of people around the world who think they would make it without going to college end up jobless and suffering to earn a living. As a result, attending college should be made a priority for a person and should be encouraged by everyone. Another important example to why one should attend college is taking responsibility. If a person does not learn how to take responsibility at a younger age, he/she will...
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