Attendance Monitoring System

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We the group II first give thanks to our Almighty God for being their always to guide our group, protecting us from different dangers around us, for giving us strength and of course giving us knowledge to make this thesis paper.

Also we would like to appreciate the effort that Mr. Philip G. Luyun our instructor have shared to us and we believed that without him, we cannot make this thesis a possible one, moreover we really thank him for giving us ideas and knowledge on how to make this thesis project.

Aside from that we give thanks to our alma mater which is the AMA Computer Learning Center Pasay Taft Avenue, Pasay City for molding us and helping us to finish our two years course. Furthermore we want to give thanks the panelist for spending their time to listen our work and we really appreciated all those comments and suggestion that they have given to our group and for the last, we thank our family for their countless support and always there to lean upon when we need them. Moreover we want to dedicate this thesis project to them which is our family who encouraged and love us as well.

Again we thank you our supporters and God Bless us all.


Using an electronic devices such as Computers in helping the company to compile and manage the records on attendance is very significant. And to propose the computerized system on handling employee’s records to avoid mishandling and prevent records on getting old is avery helpful thing to us people.

The attendance system we have proposed and proposing is for some prestigious company that privately owned and privately manages, but then the attendance system was too slow and too difficult for the company to manage. Thus; our group will make a system where in it will help the company made their time and attendance more clearly and easy to understand.

Background of Study
a. Definition of system
A System is set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry...
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