Attachment Behaviors

Topics: Behavior, Play, Psychology Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: June 25, 2013
CD 101 Field StudyGhia Astina Lui R. Santos
Observation 3
Focus on: Attachment Behaviors of Infants and AdultsCD101 Section 1 WF

Child’s NameAlthea
Age1 year old
Location/Setting#26 Axtell St, Northfairview Quezon City
Date and TimeFebruary 28, 2013

I. Incident

In our house at around 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I was observing Mrs. Padilla and her one year old daughter, Althea. Mrs. Padilla is playing with Althea. They are both laughing so hard. After playing with Althea, Mrs. Padilla placed her on a swing. Althea is reaching out for her mother. Mrs. Padilla, gave her a toy, a bottle, and then quickly left her. Her mother went back after 30 minutes and they started playing again. Mrs. Padilla left Althea again, but she is checking Althea every once in a while but she is not showing herself to Althea. When Mrs. Padilla has time, she will go back and play with Althea. Althea is crying really loud every time she sees her mother leave, but after 1-2 minutes, she will stop and will end up playing with the toy. Every time Mrs. Padilla hears Althea cry, she will just ignore it. Althea is not crawling or moving from one place to another. When nobody is around, she is very quiet and very still..

II. Comments

Mrs. Padilla is a very busy woman. And she herself does not want to be disturbed so she left Althea with a toy to keep her entertained and a bottle of water to keep her well fed while she is away because no one is available to take care of her and play with her. Althea is crying very loud to get her mother’s attention, but her mother is just ignoring her because she knows that Althea will suddenly stop crying, and she is also too busy to accommodate her. Althea will stop crying after 1-2 minutes because she knows that her mother will come back. Though Mrs. Padilla knows that Althea will stop crying, she constantly checks on her just to make sure that she is okay.

III. Reflection

Infants are less likely to...
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