Topics: Existence, Ontology, Existence of God Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The argument of the existence of evil states that if God exists then he knows how to, wants to, and is able to prevent all suffering. If such a God existed, though, then we would expect him to prevent all suffering. Suffering, though, is a familiar part of the world around us; it has not been prevented. There is, therefore, the argument concludes, no such God. The question of omnipotence is posed as a paradox, which asks, “can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it?” If he can create such a stone, then there is something that God cannot do, lift the stone, therefore God is not omnipotent and cannot exist. If he cannot create such a stone, then there is another thing that God cannot do, these he is not omnipotent, and cannot exist. There are many arguments for the existence of God. The cosmological argument argues that there was a "first cause", or "prime mover" who is identified as God, the teleological argument argues that the universe's order and complexity are best explained by reference to a creator God, and the he ontological argument is based on arguments about a being greater than which cannot be conceived. Another argument is the moral argument. This states that human beings are aware of actions as being right and wrong, obligatory and forbidden. Such awareness carries with it the thought that they are bound to do some things and bound to avoid doing others. This is called moral normativity and is best explained through moral laws. Since a law cannot be valid unless there is intelligence which recognizes and upholds it and it cannot be human intelligence that provides the needed recognition and upholding of moral law since the moral law holds everywhere whereas the human mind is limited in its comprehension and scope. The appropriate promulgator must have authority over all human beings at all times and places. Thus the only intelligence and will that can be the source of the moral law is that found in God. The argument...
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