Aston-Blair Inc. Case Study

Topics: Leadership, Management, Decision making Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: November 5, 2012

1) Starting up the task force
i) Inadequate Team Structure – Wrong Selection Procedure
Both Trott and Casey had concluded that the major area for task force to study should be the Marketing Division. In that case at least one of the market managers should have been in the team. Only product managers were included in the task force which was not a good decision on Trott, Casey, and Bacon’s part.

As head of the task force, Bacon remained ineffective regarding brainstorming to understand what should be the required resources and operating guidelines.

(It was seen later on during presentation on August 4, how market managers rebuked Meir and disapproved any of the recommendations given by the team)

ii) Improper Decision Making – No Forming Done

It was Trott, Casey, and Bacon who decided on the date of presentation without taking the team members in the loop. Bacon as head of the task force should have held a meeting with his team members, understood agenda, set up goals, and then decided on the presentation date.

Further, Bacon didn’t ask the Trott and Casey to attend at least the first meeting. This is poor management and ineffective planning on Bacon’s part as in this way Trott and Casey remained unaware of the task force’s setting up of goals, objectives, what resources they might need, inability of Bodin to present his report on August 4th.

(In the first meeting Emile Bodin told Bacon that his report would probably not be ready before the August 4 presentation.)

2) Conducting the first meeting
i) Process not in sync with Task Design – Bacon remained ineffective in...
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