Personal Reflection

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Decision theory Pages: 5 (1852 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Personal Reflection

In this reflection I am going to cover the main key points we used whilst working as a team and how we developed our skills and what resources we had to use to make sure we are achieving our goals and aims. Those key points will explain the whole project as I will be reflecting on them as they mentioned below:

* Group Functionality
* Personal Learning/Strengths and weaknesses
* Personal Development

Group functionality:
Firstly I am going to review on how well we function as a group and what factors we used as a team to work effectively as a team, also how we supported each other and contributed within the group. The factors we used for the group to function well were time management, aims and objectives, leadership skills and decision making.

Time Management:
In my opinion as a team we managed our time very effectively because our aims and objectives were clear and we saved our time by motivating each other to attend all the meetings so everybody is aware of what’s going on in the project and also everybody can concentrate and focus on the project. We developed our skills by sharing our ideas and producing useful information within the team and also by getting feedback so in the next meeting we could improve and produce efficient information which will help us contribute in the project. We consider as a team this could have been better by making action plans and making deadlines so everyone could have been more focused on the project. We could have saved more time by updating those who sometimes missed the meetings and that could have developed them in the future to make sure to attend the meeting as its part of the contribution and punctuality.

Aims and Objectives:
According to our aims and contribution surrounded by the team was at the start to make profitable investment, to achieve team success and also make sure team contribution is helping each member because it’s essential in the team project. We believe that the project was based on the profitable investment but in my point of view we realised as the time gone past it’s how we working as team and making our decisions, also how we solved our problems. In my opinion we met our aims as we made a profitable investment because we met our targets whilst buying the companies as here we met the contribution sector as each member research on the company’s history was effective which made us profitable investment.

Team Success:
I strongly agree our team success was a good outcome because during the project we got close to each other by having social meetings which brought understanding between each other. We made sure everyone is not having trouble and supported them so they can focus and stay up to date with the project. This was very good as it helped people to feel part of the team and also it made me motivated towards the work and made the each member realise they contributing. It could have been improved by making aims more clear because we had problems to choose the best companies out there as people were not sure of what information to look at as we made a slow start. Before we made our aims we should have shared more ideas in order to make sure if these aims were realistic?

This role plays another vital part in the team as its managing the whole group and the whole team has trust on this person. Our leader was Cathy as she had the ability to adapt those skills which a leader has, for example commitment, responsibility, organised and motivation. I believe as a part of the team we made a right decision to gave her this role because throughout the project she proved that she was well organised and responsible because she used to plan ahead, motivate others with their work and also used to take care of organising the...
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