Application of Management Functions

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Illustration and Explanation of management Functions 
1 Planning 

1.1 Panning of VITASOY  
The VITASOY aims to sustain the leadership in promoting supreme quality of life by producing high quality, nutritious and great tasting products. Moreover, to promote well-being among consumer, continuously develop a wide-consumer network and innovation.   The VITASOY used the concentration of the growth to increase their market share of the world and increase the number of products.   The VITASOY has a stable position in Hong Kong and successfully entered foreign market such as United States and Australia. They design different flavor of drinks to suit different people. Moreover, mainly use the familiar soy food to enhance their strengths. They say, innovation is their key to develop their brand, with such products, they will not eliminate.  The top managers of VITASOY require staff to design new packing and new product.  The middle manager, such as marketing manager, contact with mass media, to announce the news to consumers.    

1.2 Planning of Café De Coral 
The goals of Café De Coral are “A hundred points of Excellence” reflects the commitment to strive for excellence. It provides comfortable environment and great service attitude in order to gain customer satisfaction. It makes strategic business moves in a rapidly changing world. Café De Coral established concentration of the growth strategy, to increase the number of market served. Corporate believes, China economy is growing rapidly; it is a great opportunity to extend their market in China. In the following 5 years, company will extend their China’s market, from 100 shops into 300 shops. Moreover, Café De Coral uses competitive strategy to compete with two main competitors, Fairwood and Maxim. Hong Kong is the main market to these three companies, they uses different pricing strategy to compete against others.  For the organization level, top managers make significant decisions such as price and salary adjustment. The chairman of Café De Coral said in following six months, the price will increase 3-5% as the expected rent and food costs continued to rise. Middle manager is responsible for transferring message from the top manager. For example, sales manager announce the price adjustment to each first-line manager of shops. After receiving the message, the first-line manager will change the price tag.  2 Organizing  

2.1 Internal Management 
There are two types of authority relationship: line authority and staff authority. Line authority are entitles a manager to direct the work of an employee. The staff authorities are positions with authority that have been created to support, assist and advise that holding line authority. Mangers have specific authority in different parts which divide two parts, internal and external. Those managers have rich knowledge of how to manage the organizing effectively.   In Café De Coral and Vitasoy, they both have these two types of authority in their management levels. Manager have different authority can help to implement the decisions which from top manager efficiently. 
  2.2 Employment Planning and training 

Employment planning is important which managers ensure that they have right number and kinds of people in right places at right times. 
  In Café De Coral 
They have a good organization of allocating the manpower. During the Christmas and New Year, they will recruit a large number of part-time employees to afford the large crowds. Moreover, The Café De Coral focuses on employment training too. It will provide training for trainees and employees regularly in order to ensure that they can provide excellent service to customers and enhance their personal skills. 

It more focus on the employee training rather than recruiting employees. It is because the demand of employee during some special festival is average. Thus, the firm can pay more attention to improve the quality of the service. It offers a...
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