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1. Students are required to do a movie review based on the topics covered as per scheme of work. 2. Students need to form their own group 2-3 people per group- It’s a group work assessment. 3. The movie review requires to be formatted as follows:

a. Must be according to the questions provided in this guidelines. b. Assignment must be presented in a typed format.
b. The content of the review must be typed using Times New Roman, font size 12. c. Each question or heading must be clearly indicated in bold Times New Roman font, font size 12. d. Spacing between lines should be double spacing.

e. All sources of references (3 minimum) must be acknowledged using APA style. f. Insert the paging number at the bottom right of each page as well. g. Citation is compulsory in the assignment i.e. (Shane and Bohlander, 2013) etc. h. The review should not exceed15 pages.

4. Based on the movie that you have watched answer the following questions:

a) Write a short synopsis of the movie (shall not exceed 150 words). (5 marks) b) Identify any 4 (FOUR) issues/problems revealed in the movie. (20 marks) c) Explain how the issues/problems identified relate to the study of organizational behavior. (30 marks) d) As an Organizational behavior’s students give any 4 (FOUR) suggestions in minimizing the issues/problems occurred in the movie based on the topics that you have learned in this course. (40 marks)


1. Please review any one of following movies:
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Devil Wear Prada
Or Any movies that relate to organizational behavior (Provide the copy of that movies)

2. Submission hard copy seminar 5
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