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Management Information Systems ADMN 410, Summer 2014
Part 1
Locate the Excel Spreadsheet named HA3 StartFile1.xlsx from Blackboard /ASSESSMENTS/Assignments. This is your “start file” for Assignment 1 Part 1. Save file as HA3_LastNameFirstName_1 and complete “Assignment Requirements” detailed below. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT or MOVE ROWS OR COLUMNS. Once you have completed the steps below, save the Excel file. You will need to submit this spreadsheet in addition to answering 10 questions (based on the completed spreadsheet) in Blackboard. Go to Blackboard ASSESSMENTS/Assignment/Assignment 1 Part 1 Submission to answer the 10 multiple choice questions; the last question will ask you to submit your completed spreadsheet. Assignment Requirements:

Billy's Gut Busting Buffet - Billy is opening a new buffet restaurant and wants to use Excel to build a weekly budget forecast and estimate his profit. He has inputs and assumptions for revenue and expenses in the spreadsheet. Now he needs to set up his weekly budget forecast to show the profit he can expect based on the input he has provided. Research conducted has indicated that the number of customers Billy can expect in a week is directly tied to the price of an individual buffet meal (see "Buffet Price and associated number of customers" data in Inputs and Assumptions section of start file spreadsheet). All customers will be charged the same meal price, Billy must determine what price to charge for a meal ($12, $15, $18). 1. Use an Excel feature in cell B13 to allow a user of this model to click on cell B13 and select (or set) one of the three buffet meal price options from a dropdown list. 2. In the Weekly Budget Forecast section of the spreadsheet calculate each revenue item and each expense item for the week as well as the Total Revenue, Total Expenses, Profit, Profit Margin, and Breakeven Quantity. All of these must be calculated and must contain cell references to the inputs and...
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