Spreadsheet and Ticket Price

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Event Budget

Project Description:
Your goal as a budget committee member for the formal Valentine's Day Ball at the university is to balance the income and expenses, decide on the most appropriate ticket price per student, and ensure that your budget falls within the limitations you must work with. In this project, you will create one- and two-variable data tables to examine car loan options, use Goal Seek to determine how much money you would have to save each month for a down payment on a new home, and create scenarios to evaluate potential expense increases for a budget worksheet. Finally, you will use Solver to determine how many credits you can afford for a semester of graduate school.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step
Points Possible
Start Excel. Download, save, and open the Excel workbook named Exploring_e06_Grader_EOC.xlsx. 0
On the Budget worksheet, perform a goal seek analysis to determine what the ticket price in cell B9 would need to be if you wanted the balance in cell C34 to be $0. Accept the solution. 5
Beginning in cell E3, complete the series of substitution values ranging from 300 to 500 in increments of 20 students vertically down column E. 6
In cell F2, enter a reference to the total income formula from column C. In cell G2, enter a reference to the total expenses formula from column C. And in cell H2, enter a reference to the balance formula from column C. 6

Create a one-variable data table for the range E2:H13 using the number of attendees as the Column input cell. Format the results with Accounting Number Format with two decimal places. 7
Apply custom number formats to make the formula references in the range F2:H2 appear as Revenue, Expenses, and Balance, respectively. 6
Create a two-variable data table in the range E17:I28, using the Ticket Price per Person as the Row input cell and the No. of Attendees as...
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