Assignment Part 2 T3 2014

Topics: Scientific method, Stock / Pages: 32 (404 words) / Published: Dec 31st, 2014
MPF753 T3 2014 – Assignment Part 2

Due by: 4:59PM Monday, 12th Jan 2015

Q1. Pick any three companies with shares currently listed on the ASX that have been trading for at least five years. Go to DatAnalysis (accessible via Deakin Library website) and download the adjusted month-­‐ end closing stock prices of these companies for the previous 61 months ended 31/10/2014 onto a MS Excel spreadsheet. Use the downloaded data and perform necessary calculations to answer the questions a) to c):

a) Compute the individual monthly returns, average monthly return, variance and standard deviation of the monthly returns for the stocks of the companies you have chosen.

(5 marks)

b) Using the various statistics calculated in a), state which stock has the highest expected return, which stock has the highest total risk and which one has the highest expected return per unit of total risk.

(3 marks)

c) Would the stock with the highest total risk in b) necessarily be the ‘riskiest’ of the three stocks? Explain. (2 mark)

Go to Yahoo Finance and download the adjusted month-­‐end closing value of the ASX

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