assignment 6

Topics: Science, Intrinsic value, Value theory Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Student Name: Mudzanani MR
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Assignment 6
Step 2
What your original answer was and why?
"Save the rhino!" My personal opinion on this statement is most closely described by: Option E: We must save the Rhino because is the right thing to do. The reason is that Rhinos are part of our ecosystem; they are not supposed to be brutally killed for something that is not scientifically proven. Instead of following the Myth which people believe that of helping to cure erectable dysfunction, people must sort other option to solve their problems. We need ecosystem in our life time. Rhinos are part of the ecosystem. They need to be preserved for us and for the generation to come. Without the Rhinos the ecosystem will not be complete. The ecosystems carry both intrinsic and instrumental value to life of humans. What your current answer is and why?

My current answer is still option E
People must understand that Rhinos are part of the ecosystem they have intrinsic value to nature, it is barbaric to kill them for something which is not scientifically proven, in other words which is a myth. Rhinos must be saved because is the right thing to do. Rhinos might not have intrinsic value to humans as other people are anthropocentric. They are so human centred that they do not see the importance of the ecosystem. To people who brutally kill Rhinos they see Rhinos as having instrumental value to them. They are in need of Rhino horns only. What you think about my preferred answer and of course why?

I think you need to apply common intuition to understand what role nature plays in us as humans. You are anthropocentric in your outlook; you believe that the value of people is greater than the value of anything else. You do not see any value in nature except to put instrumental value in it. Your view lacks spiritual sense and gratitude. People enjoy seeing what nature is made out of. They travel to national parks to view animals like Rhinos and others, which is...
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