Assignment on Diversity

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Management of Diversity
Developing & Implementing Equality & Diversity Policy at Service Co

Submitted by: Mesam Tamar

Submitted to: Suhail Razi Daud

Executive Summary
I have employed as Employee Relations (ER) executive at Service Co. The organization went through an intense experience of change management during the past few years, when diversity issues were made a part of Service Co’s formal policy agenda. Two days back, Head of Employee Relations (ER) department who is my line manager as well has sent me a case study, giving a detailed insight into the Diversity Management (DM) policy being practiced at Service Co. She wants me to study this in detail and compile a report, giving a detailed analysis on the related strategic issues.

Service Co is an authorized independent centre for copiers, fax machines, and laser printers. The company offers annual maintenance agreements, sales of supplies, service on an as-needed basis, as well as sales of new and reconditioned units.

Established in 1985, Service Co was built in order to meet all business equipment needs. They assist all sized companies from home offices to international corporations.

Having read the facts presented in the case, would you say that Service Co’s approach to equality and diversity fits into ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ model of HRM?
Before mentioning that Diversity Policy of Service Co fits into which model of HRM, it is good to know that what is difference between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ model of HRM. Soft HRM
A human resource management perspective which emphasizes the need to develop the potential and resourcefulness of employees in order to encourage commitment and high performance in pursuit of shared organizational goals....
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