Assignment - Job Fair Brochure Paper

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Assignment: Job Fair Brochure
January 23, 2011

"X" Company

Our Culture:
Our employees conduct themselves in a fair, ethical manner. They work together to achieve the same goals: to satisfy our customers with high-quality products, increase company profitability, and maintain a healthy, positive work environment. Our employees are focused, motivated, creative, team-players. Because these qualities keep our employees happy, our customers keep coming back because they always receive the most satisfying experience possible. Management always encourages our employees to work hard, be creative, be responsible, positive, be respectful of other employees and management, and to always be team-players. These traits never go unnoticed or unrewarded. Employees are evaluated every six months and given appropriate bonuses for going above and beyond the minimum in an annual basis. Additionally, our employees enjoy two weeks of vacation pay, an employee stock purchase program, 401k with company match, and excellent health and dental insurance. The management team at "X" always keeps the door open for employees to share new ideas, concerns or problems with them. These meetings always remain private so that employees know they are in good hands.

Our company is divided into different departments or functions in which there is a lead or manager in charge of each function that reports to the Site Manager, owner and the founder of "X", Mr.ABC. First, there are manufacturing operators who are in charge of manufacturing each piece before it is sent to the customer. These operators work together from start to finish, each with specific duties that must be done before their work is passed on to the next person. The QA supervisor inspects each finished piece to be sure it is correct and then they sign off once it is approved. Then the finished pieces are either delivered directly to the customers’ via ground transportation or air depending on their location,...
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