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Topics: Investment, Copyright, Corporation Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: April 28, 2013
An old friend who now lives oversea had lent you some money to help you start a small business. Your business has been growing well. Write a report to your friend to tell him how you have progressed

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Dear my old friend,
I am truly thank you for the money you lent me to start my own small business six years ago. So far my business has been growing very well. I write this letter as a report to let you know how I have managed to run this business. This report will clarify the background information about the foundation of my company, the progress to date, my future plan and anticipated problems. This may make you feel that investing in me is worthy. Perhaps you will change your mind to co-operate with me after realizing how big my company is. Background information

I now possess the music website which is The name MFF stands for “music for fun”. It is very well-known in Vietnam with more than 12 million users accessing per day. From an amateur entertaining website started to serve my own interest, I have accomplished step-by-step targets to turn it into a prominent corporation. I am also planning to develop it to be a multi-media corporation and approach to many other areas. About six years ago, I spent only 20 USD on buying domain and 3000 USD borrowed from you purchasing a web hosting service in order to establish my own music website. The original purpose is to fulfill my own desire of sharing music with everyone else. Then the website became gradually renowned due to its plain name. A great amount of users downloaded music files everyday so that I had to worry about it.

Process of development
One year after, I began to exploit its economic potential. I hired more employees to help me design the web pages and implement advertising campaigns. At this stage, the profit from advertising is more than 10,000 USD. Two years later, this number increased sharply to 80,000 USD. Especially, the...
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