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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is performed to study the business environment, legal environment, the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the competing companies, and also the complex interaction of factors.

1)The main strength of Swarovski is that this company has a big customer base, that gives big opportunities forward competitors, because of position on the market and brand. 2)According to the information that was used to obtain the objective’s of assignment, the company takes a position of the leader in more than 120 countries in the world - market industry. 3)Moreover it has over 30000 employees.

4)The market of Swarovski is mostly concentrated on vast production locations in countries like Austria, China, Czech Republic, India, Jordan, Liechtenstein, Thailand, United States. 5)The company has a huge income statement, strong annual turnover and financial position. 6)Strong and flexible brand has big influence on customer’s wish and whole environment of business. 7)Branding of the company brigs vast customer base in wide spheres: dancing, skates, fashion industry, decoration, architecture and art. Brand presence shown in many festivals, presentations. 7.1)The Festival programme is made up of over 300 events and exhibitions staged by hundreds of partner organizations across the design spectrum and from around the world. 8)Other strengths of the company are unmatched quality, craftsmanship and creativity that guides by supporting creativity and culture, promoting wellbeing and conserving natural resources. 9)Swarovski crystals became an essential ingredient in the heady world of high fashion of the 20th century. 10) Swarovski crystal offers a wealth of possibilities for integrated lighting solutions, innovative design and exceptional architecture.

1)Swarovski takes one of the biggest leader position on the competitive market, nevertheless it has limited market share. 2) Another side of the company brand that Swarovski has poor advertising program. 3)Besides the company faces with defective product such as false cut of stones. 4)The product is not available for all segments of society because of its high price. 5)In some cases a color of stones does not correspond to the desires of the clients that has a bad influence on the company at all. 6)There are some companies which counterfeit products of Swarovski company and thereby they have lower production costs and price which attracts customers. 7) It is necessary to increase the protection of the production and this requires additional funds. 8) Basically the product of the company is fragile.

1)The company begins to create a brand identity by collaborating with PR activities(Public Relations Activities) 2)Swarovski deals with foreign and famous partners that give opportunities to sell its product more widely and in a high race. 3)Every year a new line of products appears on the world market that has an influence on customer’s loyalty. 4) Exhibitions that are provided by the company impact on customer’s attractiveness. 5) Festivals that are made by company give opportunities against competitors, make companies product more attractive and represents it in a different way than competitors do. 6) Increasing budget in advertising will cover issue in a distribution of information in more easy way. 7) Future innovation in sports, swimming wear, lingerie etc.

1)One of the biggest threat that can face company like Swarovski is cheap manufacturing, because client is willing to search cheaper stones with fake brand. In our case company faces with China cheap manufacturing. 2)Nowadays fashion and trends are fast changing, and there is a chance that stones of Swarovski will be less popular, and company will lose their clients. 3)Low interest of people in crystal stones as investments.

4)Substitute products of competitor are still big threat for company, stones of the company could be changed on...
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