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12 AUGUST 2014

Lecturer Varun
Question 1(a)
Explain the process theory in your own word.
Process Theory :- The process theory mainly focus on the process of communication. Its main aim is to establish a communication successfully. Process theory is the activity of transfer of information between two people.It might be written or a speech. Process theory involves three main components :-

Sender:- Sender has a felling to convey his ideas.
Encoding:- Then a message is sent to a receiver in words or actions,graphics. Message:- Messages are the result of encoding.
Question (1 B)
Apply the process theory by inentifying the main elements and 3 barries and challenges that barry baces of communication that relateto the above case studt There are three main elements in this case study:- 1.Cultural:- The employees are from diverse backgrounds, so they find it difficult to understand what Barry's trying to tell them. This because of the difference in religious or culture of Barry and the employees. 2.Emotional:- At the Barry's home the things haven't been going well and when he comes to work and walks into the kitchen he notices several trays of uncooked meat outside in kitchen area. He gets frustrated and does not know what to do. 3.Non-verbal:- The owners of the restaurant are supportive of Barry in his efforts but they are not trying to talk with him on the business issues.

The 3 barriers that barry face of communication are
Physical :- With the high turnover of employees, training is often rushed and some new employees are put right into the job without training . Physiological:- In addition the employees are from diverse backgrounds. Psychological:- The owner of the restaurant is supportive of but he is not trying to talk with him on the issues. Question 1 C

Identify an explain form the above case study and explain why the meaning centred theory is not achieved ?

(1) The Meaning Centered Theory:- The meaning theory is the theory when sender sends the message to receiver and receiver gets the information . The receiver gets the information in a right manner from sender.

But in the case study the meaning centered theory is not achieved because the communication between Barry and employees is not good . Employees didn't understand the information from Barry,because of this meaning theory did not work in above case study.

Suggest two strategies that Barry can impliment to achieve effective communication based on the meaning centere theory ? Ans:- The two strategies that Barry can impliment to achieve effective communication are 1) Firstly, Barry should have an effective communication with the employees. He should make peple understand what he wants to say. 2) Barry should find new ways to interact with different people from differnt culture. for examle; he should use verbal communication,to tell his ideas. Question1E

Identify an example from the above case and explain why the shared meaning theory is not achieved?

In the case study the shared meaning theory is not achieved because the employees are not collaborate with the Barry What Barry want to explain are not taking care of that.

Question Two ; [a]
Explain the influence of Paulo Ardoncito’s own self-concept on the communication process. ANS
During the conversastion with interviewer Maria ,Paulo answer the questions in the way he thaught Maria wanted them to be answered .he tried to behave as he has the knowledge and skills which Maria expected in a job candidate. because of his this own concept he got a feedback through wich he came to know what expetition Mariahad in her mind. QUESTION 2(b)

Explain the influence of Maria Bustrikolova on paulo's own self concept and on the communication process? Ans:- when Paulo entered the room he shook his...
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