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Topics: Infectious disease, Epidemiology, Infection Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: July 25, 2014
Application of Epidemiology – A Case Study

Analyze Good Health Hospital s records and itemize records and itemize recent nosocomial infections that occurred within the past year. In your report, categorize the different parameters (i.e., person, time, place, ethnicity, and gender) used in the compilation of data into the information summative. An outbreak of E-coli has occurred in Good Health Hospital, this has become a major problem since the outbreak occurred in Ward 10 on the second floor. It appears that there are six (6) cases of the disease associated with the E-Coli outbreak. The administrator of Good Health Hospital need to be in constant communication with the CDC to help determine what protocol(s) we need to follow.. The CDC has revealed that a particular bacteria has originated in this facility. The CDC recommends that an investigation has begun in the hospital. They will began analyzing and inspecting the hospital kitchens, since E. coli can be transmitted via contaminated vegetables, as well as delicatessen meats and other cold cuts. The following table shows the number of cases identified so far it lists the number of cases, such as age and gender of how many cases were reported via report, data and communication from the CDC. This will help the CDC to determine how they will address the problem of the E-coli outbreak. The data indicates the time that the outbreak occurred. After further investigation the CDC has identified the infected individuals. The CDC will now inform the media and public of the potential outbreak. They will give a list of precautionary measures and steps to curtail this problem. On how it can be prevented in the near future. Propose at least six (6) questions for the health care administrator at Good Health Hospital, regarding potential litigation issues with infections from the nosocomial diseases. Rationalize, in your report, the logic behind your six (6) As a health care...

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