Assess the potential environmental impact of a proposed construction project on the local natural environment.

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Unit 2 M1
Assess the potential environmental impact of a proposed construction project on the local natural environment. Potential construction project for The City of Liverpool College - LAX Author: Matthew Ellis

I have been asked to put together a report for the potential construction project for The City Of Liverpool College. The current site being looked at is on Roscoe Street. I will be discussing the consequences which could occur to the buildings in proximity to the site location, and the people who could be affected. Body:

During this part of the report, I will be discussing what problems could occur during each phase (pre-construction, construction, post construction) and how you can go about preventing this from occurring. Pre-construction phase:

During the pre-construction phase, there will be a lot of discussion based on the design of the building, what materials need to be used, how it gets there, but nothing on how the materials are being made, where they are being taken from, how its being transported, the biodiversity within the area and how its going to change, and any natural habitats that will be affected because of this project. I will discuss the repercussions of this project, and how it affects the habitats, biodiversity's, atmosphere and the impact on the environment. Environmental impact assessment:

This is what is used to determine the affects on the environment, when a construction project is being done. It is used to protect the environment, by using a local planning authority to give planning permission to the project to go ahead, based off of the likely affects on the environment, and the severity of them. Within the regulations that have been set, is a procedure to determine what projects require an environmental impact assessment. It will also need to have assessments, consultations, and a decision for the projects which may have severe affects on the environment. The local authorities are required to take into consideration the environmental implications of developments, in terms of planning control. Within the regulations, there are procedures to take into account when a project may have severe effects on the environment. Local planning authorities and developers are who considers if the project may require an environmental impact assessment. If it is deemed necessary, then the affects which may be more detrimental to the environment will be made priority. This is just a brief description to what an environmental impact assessment is. For the project of the LAX building to begin, it would need to gain the relevant approval which would be done by the local planning authority. They would give their approval, based off of the affects to the environment. This would include buildings in close proximity to the site, such as St Luke's Church Gardens. They would need to consider the implications of developments, in terms of planning control, with regards to the environment. This would mean whether the roads would get blocked to allow cranes, vehicles, workers to get to the site. Would there need to be a request to shut down the road in order for the work to commence without interruption. This would be the biggest factor, as traffic can cause a lot of accidents, and it would also disrupt people's work schedules, as people need to get to work for a specific time. And due to Liverpool being a popular tourism location, it would have an affect on the tourists getting to the popular tourism spots as St Luke's Church Gardens and Liverpool Cathedral in close proximity to the site. It wouldn’t be a big problem as there is many routes in which tourists could take, but could be taken into consideration. Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is what living matter and the different types of living matter that is in the present environment. The biodiversity in this particular area isn't big. There is maybe birds or bats in the area, but they can move due to their ability to travel. And as...

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