An Environmental Study

Topics: Procurement, Environmental impact assessment, Request for proposal Pages: 9 (2299 words) Published: May 24, 2012
You are a general contractor wishing to put up a modest sized cement production plant on the outskirts of town. The plant would operate on only one 10-hour shift per day and would produce about 400 cubic yards of output per day for six days per week. It is necessary for an environmental impact study to be undertaken before the county can issue a permit. The biggest issue is, of course, the air quality implications of cement production, but potential impacts on water quality are of concern as well. It is now October, and you want to start building the plant by the end of next summer, if at all possible. It is now time to issue an RFP to procure an environmental impact analysis. Studies of this type normally require about three months of concerted effort by a team of analysts

Course Project Overview

The course project for PM598 consists of three parts, which provide familiarization to processes associated with contract and procurement management.

Part 1 (PP1) of the Course Project focuses on the first section of the RFP and entails selecting one of the three RFP procurement cases listed under the PP1 section and using the PP1&2 - Course Project RFP template document in the Doc Sharing area to develop information to support section one of the RFP. Part 1 (PP2) of the Course Project entails completing the remaining sections of the RFP by developing a comprehensive document that could be submitted to a vendor. Part 3 (PP3) covers all of the TCOs but touches mainly upon textbook Chapters 9 through 12. You will be required to identify an opportunity through and follow the instructions, which are located in the Doc Sharing section. This three-part project provides an overview of the processes and material that are used to develop a RFP as well as address relevant questions that could result from contract and procurement management. The points assigned to each part of the Course Project are listed below:

Course Project Assignment Due Points
Part I (PP1) - RFP Section 1 Week 2 40
Part II (PP2) - Complete RFP Week 4 125
Part III (PP3) - Formal Proposal Submission Week 6 125
Total 290

Part I (PP1)

Assignment: Select one of the three RFP procurement cases listed below (A New Practice Field, An Environment Impact Study, and an Inventory Control System) for your Course Project. Use the RFP template located in the Doc Sharing area to complete the cover page and the following sections of the RFP (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4).

Resources: Obviously, Chapters 1 through 6 of the text would serve as a starting point. Please be advised that considerable relevant material is also available on the Internet, so you might want to conduct a search for some materials that may yield insights into the RFP development process. Download and use the RFP template from the Doc Sharing area.

Procedures and Deadline: All project issues should be directed in the Q & A Forum or addressed in class. The PP1 RFP should be prepared in a MS Word format suitable for electronic transmission. Any resources used beyond the textbook need to be cited in your document, including links to relevant websites. Be sure to include footnotes and bibliography.

Submission Details: All PP1 documents must be submitted no later than the end of Week 2. There will be a penalty for late submissions. Submit a soft copy of your RFP in the Dropbox created for this purpose.

Clarification on Assignment: All questions of a clarification nature should be asked in the weekly Q & A Forum discussion topic.

Grading: Eighty percent of points will be for content (including proper use of the English language) and 20percent of points will be based following the instructions for the assignment.

RFP Content:

Your RFP should utilize the best practices of the Pre-award Phase that apply to your project. You must choose the type of contract that you feel is most appropriate for this procurement. I will set the length...
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