Asperger's Syndrome Analysis

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Asperger's Syndrome is one specific syndrome close to autism. As for autism, people who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome have trouble with social skills, for example they cannot stand to be touched. In chapter 11, Christopher overreacted and hit the policeman who "took hold of his arm and lifted him up onto his feet."
Another characteristic of the Asperger's Syndrome is to have uncommon rituals. For example, everything must be organised in a logical way. In the novel, Christopher counts cars to know if he will have a good or a bad day. Red cars mean happiness and yellow cars are the sign of a "Black day" (Chapter 47).
Thirdly, they cannot distinguish any nuances in different situations. Christopher is convinced that his father could kill him because he had killed Wellington and so is a murderer. He does not understand the nuance of his father killing the dog out of revenge and despair (Chapter 233).
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In chapter 163, Christopher’s ex-teacher, Julie, made an experience with a Smarties tube. She wanted to show him that people could think differently than him. She asked Christopher what he thought was inside the tube and he answered that there were Smarties. Then, she showed him that actually there was a red pencil inside it. Afterwards she asked him what his mother would say was in the Smarties tube if she was asked and he answered “a red pencil.” Because of his syndrome, he could not imagine that people would always say that there were Smarties in the tube because Julie showed him the red pencil and it became his new

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