Aspects of International Marketing

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1. How can you measure political risk & instability? Are they also a matter of perception? 2. What aspects international marketing are most affected by political instability in a country? Aspects of International Marketing

International Marketing: is the performance of marketing activities in more than one nation. Basic Objectives of International Marketing
a) Targeting international customer: segmenting, targeting and positioning the international customer. b) Finding global customer need: understand similarities and difference in customer group across countries. c) Satisfying global customer: adapting marketing mix to satisfy customer need across the countries and regions. d) Better than competition: monitoring and responding to global competition by offering better values. e) Maintain relationship: maintain long term relationship with foreign customer and other business parties. f) Coordinating world business: integrating business activities and implementing them across the countries. g) Global environment: consider and analysis the internal and external factors of the foreign countries. h) Business orientation: expand market, goodwill, profit

Domestic vs. International Marketing
Major Issues Domestic International
Area Limited Broad
Control Easy Complex Buying & selling Domestic views International views Objectives Local demand Foreign demand
Transaction All levels Distribution level Terms of trade Not necessary Depends on it
Exchange rate Not necessary Basic foundation
Documents Simple Document oriented Research Initial research Continuous research Tariff barriers Not problems Great problems Business risks Easily identify Difficult to identify Mobility of FP Moveable Difficult to move Phases of International Marketing

i) No direct foreign market: producers have no intension for marketing. Products may reach foreign markets via domestic wholesalers or distributors. ii) Infrequent foreign market: when a producer get an opportunity in the foreign market then he sale the product, this operation is infrequent not regular. iii) Regular foreign operation: as overseas demand grows, productions are allocated for foreign markets, & products may be adopted to meet the needs of individual market. iv) International marketing: companies in this stage are fully committed and involved in international marketing and set marketing mix for individual foreign market. v) Global Business: companies treat the world, including their home market, as one market. Market segments are defined by income levels, usage patterns or other factors. Global Marketing Involvement:

a) Individual view: production only for personal use. Fish cultivation only for family. b) Profit orientation: meet up family demand then sell products to the neighbor and increase production. c) Local coverage: if it is profitable then production and sell product in the local market. d) Regional market: production and sell the product in the regional market with industrial focus. e) National program: business program for all over the country and take extensive business program. f) International orientation: select one or two countries for business and set individual marketing program. g) Global business operation: companies treat the world, including their home market, as one market. h) Multi product operation: when a particular product become success then starts with additional products. Changes In International Orientation

Changes business strategy and attitude in different stages of international marketing. a) Traditional business: first phase of international marketing is the traditional business operation. b) Preparation: for infrequent foreign market, business people...
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