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Describe nightfall as you reach camp in the middle of the jungle. There was utmost silence and pitch darkness as we walked towards the camp which was located at the middle of the jungle. Our footsteps could be heard along with the hoots of the owl, chirping of the crickets and croaks of the frogs. We were so exhausted and starved that we couldn’t even move an inch forward. Placing out torches down, we slowly sat down on the ground. When we started our journey the sun had shades of bright red and yellow but we never knew that we would get lost in the jungle at the middle of the night. Squirrels, Cats and other animals were crawling from place to place and enjoying the pitch darkness. An inkling was fixed in my mind that we would never find our way back home or to the camp. After taking a few minutes rest on the ground we started our journey again. I could feel that someone was spying on us from far but I didn’t tell anything to my friends because they always felt that I made up random stories just to make them feel afraid. As we continued our journey, I noticed a spark appear behind a tree about 10m away. We headed towards that tree because I thought it would be a campfire of somebody else who came for camp and we could ask them the directions. When we reached the tree my assumption about the campfire was right but there seemed to be no one around the campfire. There was a sudden rush of fright down my spine because that place gave me ghostly presence feeling. When I turned to look whether my friends had the same ghostly feeling they were happily talking with each other and enjoying the campfire. The journey to the camp seemed very slow with them so I secretly wanted to leave them and find my own way to the camp but I never knew that I made the wrong decision!!! As I walked past the campfire I flicked on my torch and I was lead to a river, and I had no idea how to walk to the other end of the river so I just walked along the river. Suddenly something enormous...
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