Topics: Security, Computer network, Network management Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Type of Technical Report:Recommendation Report
Name of Reporters:Kris Joseph Lacerna
Leo Angelo Salapare
Name of Company / Institutions:L.A. Company

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a great opportunity and I am with confidence to recommend Leo Angelo Salapare for responsible position of Network Analyst at the L.A. Company. I am Network Administrator in CISCO Networking Company.

Leo Angelo has been with my establishment for more than six years. After he graduated at Manuel S. Enverga Foundation his first worked is in Technical Department while he was still working he study again and when he studying he was promoted as my assistant as Network Administrator assistant and when he finish his two years of studying Master of Information Technology he was became Network Administrator. He is very diligent person so he was now a successful man right now because he is now Network Analyst in our company. He supports, operates and maintains data, voice and video communications to ensure that Service Level targets are met, Information Security is maintained and that customer satisfaction is high.

He has strong grip to the following tasks which are part of his duty in our company: - Take proactive measures to maximize the performance and availability of data, voice and video networks - Backup network configurations

- Report network use and availability
- Plan and apply changes and upgrades
- Provide available services and upgrades to serious systems during non-business hours - Monitor system routine and tune when required
- Track system capacity/requirements and increase when required - Troubleshoot, determine and document issues
- Develop and keep suitable documentation (i.e. procedure, configuration, etc.) - Execute and maintain Network Infrastructure Security components - Act as a go-between with end users, third party service providers and business partners

Leo is rightly looking for additional challenge and in...
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