"As Not Seen On TV" Summary

Topics: Newspaper, New York City, Restaurant Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: November 3, 2013
As Not Seen On TV

The article in the newspaper “NY Times” by Pete Wells called As Not Seen On TV about Guy Fieri's restaurant called “ Guy's American Kitchen & Bar “ was a great review because I totally agree with Pete Wells. No, I have not been to Guy's restaurant; but that's how it always happens. Someone really big and famous name opens up a new restaurant and it is supposed to be one of the greatest restaurants around....So they say. But in reality the famous who owns the restaurant has probably never eaten there or even stepped inside the building they just signed a couple of papers so that their name would be on it and they (famous people) could make more money. Now this isn't 100% true that none of the famous people don't go to their restaurants with their name on it. But more than none it is true. From the in depth detail from Pete wells on how poor and disgusted he was by Guy's restaurant just proves the point that Guy has probably never stepped foot inside “Guy's American Kitchen & Bar”. This confuses me because why put your name, reputation, and life on something you've never taken the time out of your life to invest in something so that it will be perfect. Also Pete Wells mentions that Guy's restaurant is located in Times Square so nine times out of ten this restaurant probably has crazy high prices. This also makes me ask questions such as “Guy you are on pretty well known television show and you talk about how these places you go to are either great or they suck....So what would you say about the food made inside your restaurant?” Articles like this boggle my mind in many ways because if I went to NYC and was inside Times Square and went to ANY restaurant and got the quality of food and service that Pete Wells received; I would be beyond pissed and aggravated. I would first complain to the manager, then ask for a refund and then leave no tip for the waiter just because he forgot a very essential part to every single of my dinners...
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