Arts in Education

Topics: Education, The arts, Music Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Monica Williams
July 31, 2011
EDU330-Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Professor Alison Walker

The Importance of Arts in Education
With all of the modern advancement of technology, sadly some of the components of a common school curriculum are progressively becoming extinct. Just think back, not to long ago, the library was a place where children could explore new adventures from a simple book. Students were also able to express themselves through the weekly classes in music and art. Funding has become a real concern with the slow decrease in the American economy. Now funding for the art education program is becoming a victim to this decline. Since there has been a lack of arts in the school system, it has in turn affected the need to incorporate diversified education model to teach in a multicultural society. This essay will explain the need to incorporate the arts back into education to enhance the knowledge of living in a multicultural society.

There are so many things that children can learn through cultural enrichment. Activities through language, music, art, and dance can enhance a child’s exposure to different ethnicities other than their own. Since the establishment of No Child Left Behind, Congressional endorsements have restated the value of art and music in education as an important and vital element in quality education for all students (U.S. 2005). However, those were just mere words. Since NCLB, arts educational instructional time has decreased by 16% (Heilig, Cole, & Aguilar, 2010). Well that increase effects the lower performing schools which are usually populated with low-income students and students of color (Heilig, Cole, & Aguilar, 2010). The mere benefit of these various programs are being overlooked because the teaching of art education has also contributed to an increase of self-esteem, the acquisition of job skills, and the development of creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills (NGA, 2002). All students...
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