Personal Beliefs In Education: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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A teacher's educational philosophy is their personal beliefs that constitutes effective teaching and learning in the classroom. My personal philosophy of education is that all students should feel comfortable in the classroom, have an opportunity to learn, be motivated to reach their fullest potential, and be prepared to be successful productive citizens in society. The purpose of education is to develop youth into future leaders and responsible members of society.
I want students to learn through hands-on experiences that make a lasting connection. My role as their teacher will be to help them make meaningful connections. As well as, help them discover what their interests are through collaborative learning. I would like to be a positive...

When teachers make a lesson plan they have to take into account what types of learners they have in their class. Teachers have to make sure that they include and accommodate learning style differences so that each student can be successful. As stated in the text, "your challenge is to work to develop the talents of females as well as males, students with disabilities, immigrants, children of the poor, and members of all ethnic and cultural minorities. Our society benefits each time a student graduates well prepared, confident, and ready to accept the challenges of a diverse world" (Armstrong 2015, pg. 103).
A diverse culture is a dramatic change in our society and will continue to impact the educational system. Teachers must be able to teach students who have different languages and ethnicities with culturally appropriate strategies. This requires that teachers not only know the subject matter they are teaching but know how to make it understandable to a multicultural group of students. Teachers should be sensitive to all ethnic groups and not have cultural bias when working with students and their...

"In fact, positive reinforcement is probably more effective for students because they are often unsure of how they should act, and reinforcement for good behavior goes a long way in developing an enthusiastic and cooperative learning climate" (Armstrong 2015, pg. 148). The tools I have seen from observing in classrooms that I would like to utilize to encourage good behavior would be: the clip chart, praise bucks, and group points. The clip chart has five areas of behavioral management including: awesome day, great day, ready to learn, think about it, teacher's choice. I have found this clip chart to be effective when substitute teaching. The praise bucks have different names at different schools, but it is a school wide incentive for students to behave and be awarded for positive choices. The group points are an excellent way to reward a group of students that are working extra hard in the classroom, with a special reward. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in creating a peaceful classroom and managing behavior.
When creating a positive learning environment, a teacher should consider the classroom ambiance. "The ambiance of a space affects the feelings or mood that a person gets when entering. These moods and feelings are influenced by order, color, sound, light, arrangement, and classroom decorations" (Armstrong 2015, pg. 133). The classroom environment that I would like to...
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