Philosophy of Teaching Paper

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My philosophy of education encompasses three attributes that play a significant role in becoming an effective educator. The three qualities are as follows: creating an environment that is conducive to different types of learners, maintaining a respectful yet fun classroom setting, and using visual and creative teaching methods to sustain the hunger for knowledge in your classroom setting. An educator will remain successful if they possess these qualities in addition to enthusiasm and patience.

It is the sole duty of the teacher to assess the different learning styles early and develop a plan of action. An effective educator should have the ability to foster the students’ confidence levels and monitor the teaching strategies that are unsuccessful. I find that relating math problems to real-life situations enables the students to grasp the material in a unique way. Other ways to address a class with different learning styles is to allow peer tutoring and demonstrate cooperative learning. Cooperative learning allows the students to learn the material as a group. This method is extremely useful because it stimulates discussion and creates an environment where mistakes and triumphs are shared. Peer tutoring is effective because it allows certain students to receive help in a smaller setting. This approach is preferred by most students because it allows them to work with another classmate on an individual basis.

It is of equal importance that educators create an environment that is fun, yet respectable. Teachers should demonstrate a strict classroom management approach in the beginning and gradually encourage more smiles and laughter. This deviation from the norm reminds the students and teacher that a classroom can become a comfortable environment. However, this method can be altered at the teacher’s discretion. A relaxed classroom atmosphere gives the teacher an approachable disposition.

With new-age technology on the rise, all educators must keep up with...
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