Artist Public Appearance Agreement

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The topic I picked for this research paper is "Artist Public Appearance Agreement". In this research paper, I will be explaining the process leading up to retaining the artist for the performance or appearance and what the agreement could entail. Such things as selecting the artist to the workings of the contract with the artist or artist's manager. First, we need to start from where agreement comes into place. As a concert producer, you need to think about selecting a artist or artists for the performance. Also the date in which you wish to have the artist make the appearance. You will need to pick a date that will give you enough time to work out all the bugs and prepare accordingly for this event.

You need to think of what your goals are for doing this event and what you would like to get out with in the end. There are many different types of shows and the artist you pick should meet the requirements for the event. If putting on a fund-raising event find out from friends and family what they would enjoy seeing. Attend different shows, festivals, these would be a great way in seeing possible artists that would be suitable for your event.

The artist that you pick will act as your advertisement, it is there name that is going to fill the seats. With this in mind you should pick a artist that will contribute completely to the goals you have set forth to achieve with this event. Also the artist sound, style and presence should fit the direction you are trying to take. But also as a concert producer, you should take into consideration the ideas of others. You want others to want to come to the concert and enjoy themselves.

You should make a list of artist that you may want to contact, in order of precedence. If you are planning to have many artist on this event you should make a schedule before calling or contacting the artist. You want to be able to describe precisely how your event will be set up and how it will be ran. By doing this you will be able to fit in any introductions, announcements, or any incidental events into the schedule.

Your schedule should include set-up times for the artist and any additional equipment that the artist may need for there performance. This way set up and break down will be done in a fast n orderly way. This will be beneficial to the audience as they wont become fidgety. Until you have completely confirmed with your artists, the schedule will not be final, but this will be a handy reference to you to start making arrangements.

Now we are coming to actually contacting the artist you wish to perform at this event. Some artist will book themselves while others do go through their managers, or representatives. You should be able to find the information you need to contact the artist. If you cannot locate this information, some suggestions to be able to locate their contact numbers. You can look into recent album releases for booking information, or contact other producers that have worked with the performer in the past. They may still have the information you are seeking in their possession.

"Next, make an introductory phone call or write a letter. Identify yourself; briefly describe your organization and the event, state that you would like to have the artists participate. Note whether you are asking the artists to be a part of the concert or to headline it. Ask about the artists' usual fees and availability at the time of your show." (Shoemaker, 16)

Make sure before you call that you are including all the fees for the artist, no matter what type of show it is. Even fund-raises involve all types of fees, though you are not raising money for the artist. Artists are still approached and asked all the time by people to be involved in a find-raiser but often they do not have the funds to pay them. So you want to be able to be well promoted so that you will be able to offer the artist their sum.

The next step in this process would be to negotiate financially with...
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