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The article is discussing about poor trainees or in the other means, a teacher who does not have skills in teaching students, must take extend courses to improve their teaching skills. Deputy of Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that if trainees fail to make the grade after four years of training of the institutes or the people who fail to achieve the minimum qualifying standard in teaching of the English language, will have their course extended at their respective training institutes by another six months to one year.

The reason why this extended course must be taken for poor trainees is, government only wants teachers who are really qualified to teach the language in school. This is because, starting from 2016, students must pass English subject to get SPM certificate as stipulated in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. Various strategies and special programs had been outlined to enhance teachers’ teaching and learning skills of language to primary and secondary schools. This program has begun since government launched the Malaysia Education blueprint.

In my opinion, this extended course is good and suitable to launch to make sure that Malaysia Education Blueprint succeeds - that English subject must be passed to get SPM certificate starting from 2016. If this extended course succeeds, all students in Malaysia will get highest mark in English subject and the percentages of students pass SPM and get the certificate is higher. Even though this is a good strategy to improve education in Malaysia, it also has negative sides.

The example of negative sides is, not all the students in Malaysia can speak fluently and understand English. Some of them are passive students, so they might have the difficulties to understand or master the second language. But it is still a good course for poor trainees because nowadays, not all the teachers in Malaysia have the skills to teach based on the text...
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