Article Review of Information Technology

Topics: Statistics, Information systems, Data analysis Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: March 5, 2013
I found an article called ‘Maximizing information systems to gain a competitive advantage’ in This article states that Information System is continually updating and offering many possibilities in business today. It considers that strategic planning in utilizing information systems is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Organizations can maximize information systems by the following ways to win a competitive advantage: enhance jobs, differentiation, coordination of supply and distribution, customers, decision making and communicating. Part2

It is important because that Information System is not only a collection of hardware and software but a tool that can be used in a number of ways to make business process more efficient. With Information Systems, business can maximize profit while decreasing administration expense. It will keep companies competitive and present a strong power to maintain or even promote status in domestic and global markets. On the one hand, many businesses today are using information systems but they should think of information systems as assets and a competitive advantage but not as consumption or a commodity. Some decision makers don’t want to pump fund into their Information Systems because it is not only cost large money but also take much time to change and train employees. So the significance of this article is to help us realize that investing in Information Systems can improve competitive advantage of organizations. On the other hand, this is a global information age which means that if the company does not implement technology into their organizational structure will probably find themselves being ousted by their competitors. From both a technical perspective and a competitive advantage perspective, Information Systems is a definitive factor of the global business. Implementing Information Systems can save much time of sorting through data, statistics and information and move employees to do...
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