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EDER 893 Journal Article Review – Reading and Understanding Journals Choose the article that most interests you from among the abstracts listed. Then, acquire read, and evaluate the article as if you were reviewing it for publication. Use the following questions in addition to manuscript review guidelines for journals to direct your evaluation/review. Submit the typed review (approximately 5-10 pages, double spaced) via email. These are intended to be critical reviews. Critical reviews address an article’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide information about how the article could be improved. It is intended to be objective and honest, and not just an opportunity to “bash” an article. There is something to be learned from each article. Find the strengths of the articles and address the weaknesses. Link your critiques to the article. Make suggestions on what could improve the weaknesses. Introduction: A good introduction should leave you with a good understanding of the topic area, the gaps in current knowledge, the relevance of and need for the present research, as well as how the knowledge gained will be of benefit. It should not simply be a forum to list and outline all previous research, but it should build the case for the present research. 1. Who is the intended audience of the article? (This probably won’t be explicitly stated, but use your best judgment based upon the source and writing. Keep the audience in mind when reviewing the piece.) 2. What is the objective or purpose of the research? What is (are) their research question(s)? Why is it important? 3. How well did the author(s) present a convincing argument and identify the importance of their study? A good research article uses the introduction to make a case for their study, provide enough background to understand the topic area and identify the need for their study. The authors should not just name-drop; they should spend enough time building theory and less time listing discrete facts and...
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