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Topics: Brand, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Summery of main points
The author of PR 20/20 public relations and marketing argues that organizations must focus on defining their brands in terms of brand experiences and perceptions. The article explores the concepts of brand marketing, search marketing, social media and content marketing. In addition, public relations, plans and pricing have also taken a central position in the masterpiece. The author maintains that brand marketing forms the foundation on which successful organizations are built on. Similarly, the author holds that organizations must drive successful marketing campaigns by incorporating effective brand strategy, brand identity and brand consulting. In this regard, the author argues that conducting internal analysis on brands, customers, competitors and the industry plays a key role in determining achievement of the branding strategy. Similarly, the author argues that PR20/20 provides a planning framework that enhances brand identity and feasibility. As such, the author holds that search marketing boosts search engine ranking and generates traffic. Author’s viewpoint

Interestingly, the article emphasizes on the role of traditional strategies such as on-page optimization as well as current drivers of search rankings such as content marketing and social media participation. This is based on the ability of marketers to leverage wider audience and influence consumers directly as they search for knowledge, products and services. Similarly, the author maintains that marketers must focus on building relationships and enhanced communications through public relations. According to the publication by PR20/20 (2010), this is especially important given the power of social networks, websites and self-sponsored contents. Evaluation of article

A critical evaluation of the article reveals that although it has certain weaknesses and limitations, the masterpiece has particular strengths. One of the notable weaknesses of the master piece is based on its...

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