art and intention

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Week 2/Checkpoint/Art and Intention

Leanne Diliberto



Lynn Wocell

Art and Intention

When Michelangelo's sculpture David was first displayed to the public, it caused quite a reaction. The public did not understand the nudity behind the sculpture, therefore, they objected to it. Some even threw stones at the sculpture. Guards were hired to protect the piece of artwork from such vandalism. Eventually, a skirt was added to Michelangelo’s piece of artwork to hide the nudity from the public eye. The majority of the public that viewed the sculpture of David quickly objected to it and never took the time to try and understand it and understand the reasons behind the artists decision to create such a piece of artwork. However, this was not the same with Marcel Duchamp’s piece “Descending a Staircase.” The public did not understand what the piece was or why it was created in such a manner. After learning what inspired Duchamp to create such a piece of artwork, the public was more appreciative of its creativity. Duchamp read a book on movement by Etienne-Jules Mary and was inspired by the stop-photography and it was his fascination of by the illustration on movement using a system of dots is why he chose to create this amazing artwork.

Knowing the reasons behind why an artist creates what they create makes any artwork easier to understand. We tend to look at things that we don’t truly understand with a closed mind. Taking the time to learn more about the meaning or the thought behind a piece of artwork makes us see it differently than we did at first glance. I can definitely appreciate a piece of art more if I understand how it came to be and why.

References: Sayre, H. M. (2010). A World of Art (6th ed.). : Prentice Hall.

References: Sayre, H. M. (2010). A World of Art (6th ed.). : Prentice Hall.
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