Art and Culture

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Art and culture are two terms which can never be separated and are deeply interlinked. Art refers to the quality, creation, appearance, or realm, based on aesthetics of what is beautiful, appealing, or is completely out of the ordinary. Art has many facets like theatre, paintings, music and other kinds of visual and abstract art. It has been seen that different cultures have different kinds of art because art of a country always reflects its culture, traditions and norms. The thoughts, ideas, rules & routines and famous signs and symbols common among the people of an area are displayed through art. A particular culture develops gradually and if its components are embedded in a family, generation or several generation this culture becomes permanent and its language and traditions become an imperative part of the society. By language, one does not only mean verbal enunciation of people to communicate but it also means communication through music, poetry, architecture etc. These cultural representatives show both meaning and value of art creation and more deeply the reason and value for the civilization taking place at that time. Each kind of art is an expression; it is the expression of human beings who exist as a part of culture. Therefore, culture and art go side by side and cannot be deemed as completely different phenomena. American culture and art have an old bondage. Pop Art became popular extending from America to all over the world in 1950’s and 60’and instantly became a very popular and widely accepted image of a modern America. Pop Art incorporates hard edges and displays the real life style. Warhol who is considered to be the father of Pop Art created and popularized its concept; pop art is a representative of the cultural aspects of society and is also deemed as abstract expressionism (Mamiya, 1992). The...

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