Art 101 Film and Popular Cinema

Topics: Film, Movie theater, Warner Bros. Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Film and Popular Cinema
When it comes to the differences between intended audience, artistic purpose and commercial goals of each of them, there are many differences. The shots that are used in a movie or show makes or breaks it. By shots I mean the close ups, flashbacks and pan being used. Each one offers something, the flashbacks I feel adds a lot to a certain kind of movie or show. But all these shots are used to bring objects up, focus on people or places and set times in the future or past. Intended audiences wanted to see what they were into wither it be non fictional, fictional and even a little of both (which would be me). Having it narrated for you is what it’s all about. Also known as popular cinemas, this is where a film is edited to make a movie short but make it so you can stay focused on the story line. Normally these kinds of films are first aired in movie theaters and then later released to the public. I believe the real differences in art film and popular cinema is that art films are more real and show in depth more things that happened for example the movies The Boy in the striped Pajamas and Titanic both are in depth and things that really happened. Whereas popular cinema is almost always a film that you can get lost in the fairly tail land like in Harry Potter and Twilight. Both of these movies are obviously not real but give the audiences a fantasy place to dream about.
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