week 6 film and popular cinema

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Brianne Lehane
Film and popular cinema
Matthew Adkins

There are so many differences between film and popular cinema. When working with film, there are many specific types of shots that could be used. The first type are the types of shots that includes full, medium, close-up, extreme close-up, long, flashbacks, pan, traveling, and cross cutting shots. These kinds of shots can be used on many different types of objects, things, places, people, etc. The shots are then put in a specific order to actually piece the film together during the process of editing. By using different varieties of shots that are taken and then switched back and forth between them and shots, the film is then created. Remember that many audiences do not want just a film but a story with non-fictional and fictional characters that has a plot that the audience can relate to and something in reality to. This is how popular cinema was created. Editing the film for a movie that was still is based on what movie critics consider acceptable. After this process the scenes get reviewed and then are determined whether or not they are acceptable to be on a film or to be removed to keep the movie short so the audience doesn’t get bored. This is known to be popular cinema. The film is then reviewed by the directors and the movie critics before the final product is produced and released to be viewed by the public. Criticism is by the public and is the part of becoming a popular cinema and that is produced into a mass variety of different genres. Another difference is that film is usually made by using real life realities/events and usually connected by the general public, in which popular cinema is the version to create a visual story for the public and it is easy to understand. Not all audiences want to understand what is actually going on in the film at first for either. Some audiences will relate to the film that keeps them in suspense and some will relate to a film that makes them...
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