Are all men really created equal?

Topics: Disability, Human, Emotion Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 26, 2013
Are all men really created equal? I have always heard the cliché in the constitution that all men are created equal but is it a valid statement? I have seen people with both physical and mental disabilities; people who view the world differently than us “normal” humans. People who have different hardships that we can never understand through experience- my life has changed when I finally realized those less fortunate living among us. I always ask myself why the world naturally discriminates against those who are mentally troubled or those who need assistance in common based activities. To me, this natural behavior is morally wrong- it is not their fault that they are created unequally. I feel an internal drive in me to support them in every obstacle of their lives and I will lead the world to change their natural behavior and accommodate those less fortunate. Like the majority of the world, I used to think that these people were worthless and I should not care for them-leaving them to rot on the side of the road but my experience at Camp Smile changed my inhumane perspective. I finally understood that all men are never created equally and that these people are happier than me even though they have dilemmas which I would never have to endure. They are not caught up in worldly possessions they have more freedom than I can ever imagine. Sure they have disabilities which imprison them to wheelchairs but in reality they are always happy. I feel as if they are not angry with god or do not regret their position in the world- it is an amazing feeling I get when I realize they are the happiest people on earth even though they are not created equally.

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Mentally and physically chalanged people are not happy ….they are trying their best to cope up with regular people..most of the time they are frustrated.. but learning to be happy with what they have so you can learn this lesson from them of doing best with what is available to u Do not...
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