Personality Case Study

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Personality is defined as distinctive and relatively enduring ways of thinking, feeling, and acting
It is the total integration of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and character make up of the individual which is expressed in terms of behavior, experiences, manners, attitudes, values, beliefs, interests, habits, sentiments and traits
Types of personality
 Personality type means classification of people acc to bodily and behavioral tendencies.
 Modern classification- three types
 1.Men of feeling-are those persons who are guided by feelings for their actions. They are more guided by their heart than by their head. Their activities are dominated by emotion, sentiment or excitement. Sub divide into four categories:
 Elated- are normally happy and enthusiastic. Optimistic. They are hopeful in their actions. High expectations .faith in future.
 Depressed-pessimistic ,sad and unhappy. Not hopeful of their actions. Negative attitude in life
 Irritable- they become emotional after short intervals. They are in search in quarrels. Difficult to understand
 Unstable-such people become happy and then become unhappy without any cause for the either. Unbalanced, unstable and emotional.
 2. Men of action- are fond of taking up constructive and creative activities. Engage themselves in various activities. May be not good in studies good in manual labour
 3. men of thought-perform their activities under guidance of thinking or reasoning
 Abstract thinkers-idea of pros and cons of an action before launching upon it. Such students are interested in math's, science etc.
 Idea thinkers-such students devote a good deal of thinking to figures, words and certain symbols.

Name: Sanbert Nongbsaw
Age: 21 Sex: M Height: 4.9inch Complexion: Light Brown
Weight: 46kg
Occupation: Student
Hobbies :Sports, likes traditional music ,Hanging out with friends and Watching movies
Friends : Sanbert is kind, friendly,likes to be

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