Archies vs Vintage Case

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Rule 2
Do ur homework
Chance favours the prepaid mind. By Louis Pasteur
Thought and planning before actions is the key to accomplishment. by anon Here are some points to consider when doing your preparations 1)start small
2)consider a franchise
3)identify problems in the marketplace
4)think laterally
5)determine the capabilities and resources required.
6)project financial dimensions

The early days can be pretty tough. The first rule is much do you need to makein order to pay the staff ,pay your rent,and feed yourself?its as simple as your business evolves and becomes much more complicated,the numbers will get bigger but the fundamentals will remain the same.

Rule 3
U wont be committed if u r not having fun
You wont be committed if u r not having fun
>to luv wht u do n feel that it matters-how could anything be more fun? By Katharine graham >the secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes,but in liking what one does. By james m. barrie

Rule 4
Work hard,play hard
>one hour of life,crowded to the full with glorious actions, and filled with noble risks,is worth whole years of those man observances of paltry decorum in which we steal through existence,like sluggish waters through a marsh,without either honour or observation- by sir walter scott >it is impossible to be successful at anything doing it part time.if u spend 100% of ur time to make $100, u cant say “I’ii spend 90%.” The money is made on the last 10% effort.its like climbing everest; the success of the expedition lies in the kast 10%;the last bit of extra u give.- by arne naess >only a busy person can truly enjoy leisure.

Rule 5
Work with other peoples brain
>when u hire people who r smarter than u r,u prove u r smarter than they r. by –r.h grant >the best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done and self- restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.-anon

Rule 6...
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