Topics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Philippines, Joseph Estrada Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Does the quest for power and wealth, which led to centuries of violent guest and subjugation of city? States and empire during ancient times, continue to happen at present times? -Leaders, presidents, barangay captains, a ruler of a place, and others have this ranks getting better and better. For this instance this leaders abuse their power to people to feel that they are strong and they have power, but they are not and they do not have any power. Some leaders are going to be violent because some people do not follow them so they would get mad. Ferdinand E. Marcos, he is one of the presidents that he thinks that he can rule over the people. The people, that time, does not have any rights to talk, they do not have any freedom. Yes, he is very smart, and made our country a better country, but that was the problem, he did not give any freedom to the people. Money changes people. There are these people who uses their money for them instead help the community. Let us use President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as an example, instead of using the money or donating the money for the people she used the money of the people for her body and face. If you are wondering what my answer is, it’s a yes. Leaders wanted power and wealth. It led violent guest and subjugation of the city. Every year or every time they change the leader they have these laws or rules that you should follow whether you like or not. Leaders want to execute people who disobey them. Being a leader those not mean you have to have all the power and money it is all about being smart, how good you are in helping people, you are ready for the challenges, you have to give what the people want, and you have to give them the people’s rights. That is when the leaders started doing right things. They gave us freedom, and rights. Other countries helped us with the wars and with the Spaniards who are punishing us for no reason and used us as slaves. These leaders feel that they are higher than us, but all of us are...
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