Aqua Case

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Strategic management

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About Danone Aqua
PT AQUA Golden Mississippi was founded in 1973 by Mr. Tirto Utomo, a pioneer manufacturer of bottled drinking water in Indonesia. The first factory was set up in Bekasi. After operating for 30 years, now AQUA has 14 factories in Indonesia. In 1998, AQUA (which is under the auspices of PT Tirta Investama) take strategic steps to join the Group DANONE, which is one of the group companies of bottled drinking water in the world and experts in nutrition. This step is an impact on improving product quality, market share, and the application of water current packaging technology. Under the banner of DANONE-AQUA, AQUA now has more than 1,000,000 distribution point that is accessible to customers across Indonesia. Vision:

AQUA has become part of the family more healthy Indonesia for over 30 years. As a pioneer in the bottled water since it was founded in 1973, is now AQUA become an integral part of healthy living people of Indonesia. Then and now, AQUA still and always be the largest and leading Indonesia. Volume sales of AQUA is the world's largest sales volume for the category of mineral water. Mission:

AQUA has always wanted to do a program for healthy consumers in Indonesia, including the ACTION program (AQUA for Healthy Families Indonesia) and AuAI (AQUA for Kids Indonesia). History PT Danone Aqua:

PT AQUA Golden Mississippi was established as a pioneer of the first mineral water company in Indonesia. The first factory was set up in Calcutta. 1974
AQUA launched the first production in the form of glass bottles of 950 ml size factory in Bekasi. Price per bottle is Rp.75, - 1984
AQUA second factory was established in Pandaan in East Java, as an effort to get closer to the consumers in the region. 1985
AQUA product development in a 220 ml PET packs. AQUA product development makes a higher quality and safer for consumption. 1993
Organizing Care program AQUA (AQUA Cares), as a step AQUA recycling plastic bottles into plastic material that can be reused. 1995
AQUA became the first mineral water plant production system implemented in line at the plant Mekarsari. Processing and manufacturing bottled water AQUA done simultaneously. The results in-line system is newly created AQUA bottle can be filled water at the end of the production process., So the production process becomes more hygienic 1998

Unification and AQUA DANONE Group on September 4, 1998. This step is an impact on improving the quality of the product and put AQUA as bottled mineral water producer (mineral water) the largest in Indonesia. 2000

To coincide with the turn of the millennium, Danone AQUA-labeled product launches AQUA. 2001
DANONE increases stake in PT Tirta Investama from 40% to 74%, so that the DANONE later became the majority shareholder AQUA Group. AQUA brings new glass bottles 380 ml on 1 November 2001. 2002
Massive flooding that hit Jakarta in the early years of moving companies to help the community as well as the employees themselves AQUA affected them. AQUA won a landslide victory in the arena of Indonesian Best Brand Award. Entry into force of Collective Labour Agreement [CLA 2002 - 2004] on June 1, 2002. 2003

The expansion of production activities AQUA Group followed by the inauguration of a new plant in Klaten a year earlier. Efforts to integrate work processes through the implementation of SAP (System Application and Products for Data Processing) and HRIS (Human Resources Information System). 2004

The launch of the new logo AQUA. AQUA bring the purity of nature both in terms of content and outward appearance. AQUA AQUA Splash launches new variants of Fruit, bottled water types are given essences of strawberry fruit flavor and orange-mango. This product launch strengthens AQUA position as a manufacturer of beverage. 2005...
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