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Topics: Marketing, Bottled water, Drinking water Pages: 6 (1493 words) Published: October 8, 2009
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Objectives 4
Industry Analysis 6
Climate Key Trends 6-7
SWOT Analysis 7
Market Segmentation 8
Marketing Mix: Product 9-10
This report contains about marketing plan of the Bisleri product. It is all about the Indian bottled water industry growth and the projected expansion of the sector in India supported on the facts collected from secondary data: official web sites, articles etc. After analysis of the information which we collected from different sources we have suggested a plan for next year which may increase the performance of the product and market share also. OBJECTIVES

The main objectives of this research are as follows:.
To find out different strategies by which Bisleri can retain and also extend its market presence. To find out the future development in this sector.
At present, Bisleri is a market leader in manufacturing bottled water. It currently holds a 60% share in the sector, way ahead of its competitors namely Aquafina and Kinley. While the industry is a growing at 10-12% every year, it has been observed that Bisleri has been growing at 35-40% every year. The current bottled water industry is valued at Rs 1200 – Rs 1500 Crore. (Bhushan, 2008) Bisleri does not run all the manufacturing units on its own. Of the 54 plants where it manufactures bottled water, only nine of them are owned by Parle. The rest of the plants are held jointly between franchisers and contractors. Bisleri caters to different markets, which vary from small interior markets to governments and five star hotels. (Bisleri, n.d) The major competitors for Bisleri include Kinley and Aquafina. Packaged water caters to the retail segment, rather than the bulk segment. The various models of delivery include: Direct-to-home delivery model.

Direct-to-institution delivery model.
Coca Cola could have made Kinley a leader in the packaged water segment, had it not sidelined the brand 4 years ago. Also, the packaging of Kinley was not very attractive earlier, as result of which it could not garner a higher market share. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS

Political and Legal Factors
Environmental Factors
Nowadays, the people are becoming more health conscious. With the outbreak of epidemics and water borne diseases, the urban population is now demanding more of mineral water rather than using well water. We see that many houses now have a water filter or osmosis attached to it. In most other cases, people opt for mineral water, which is also available in 35 litre to 50 litre containers. SWOT ANALYSIS

Bisleri is a branded company. Its biggest strength is that costumers have a trust on its purity because the seal of a Bisleri is unique from other companies and natural taste in Bisleri water. Weakness

The total consumption was around 5 billion litres in India and consumption will increase in coming year. Now many companies are interesting in packaged water market because this is the fast growing industries. Come companies started packaged water plant and had a profit of 10 to 100 times. {text:bibliography-mark} Threats

BCG matrix
After analyzing the SWOT we can say that Bisleri Company place in Stars quadrant in BCG matrix and it is a market leader in the bottle water industry. (EXHIBIT: 3) MARKET SEGMENTATION
Geographic Variable
They also concentrated on lifestyles of their customers. Every individual have different way of life and different usage of minerals water. So Bisleri have different packages of water for different peoples. For bulk user it has 20 liters packaged water and for normal usage it has 1 liter, 500ml, etc. as per consumer need and standard of living. Behavioral variable...

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