direct and indirect competition
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Direct and Indirect competition

The water industry as many other industries has direct and indirect competitors; the direct competitors are companies that are producing the same line of products and indirect competitors are the ones that are selling something that your customers or potential buyers may use as an alternate or substitute of your products.
An example of direct competitor is Seychelle Water Filtration company, they are a fast growing water company. They have complete portable water filtration products and brands in North America and world wide with breakthrough technology. Seychelle have a similar water filtration water bottle with a flip top and advanced water filter. They claimed that removes 99.99% of pollutants up to 100 gallons. They package includes water bottle, 100 gallon filter and an insulated sleeve that can be attached to a belt or a back pack. Each bottle uses BPA –free low-density polyethylene, FDA approved for food products.
Aquamira emergency food storage is another company that is a direct competitor, they are one of the United Kingdom and Europe largest and most trusted emergency preparedness company producing the life saver bottle with 100% filtration, the product includes 4000 UF bottle, a carbon activated filter and a pre-filter disk. This bottle complies with all British, US and European drinking water regulations.
Katadyn is another direct competitor they offer a wide variety of water filtration and purification products with their headquarters in Kemptthal near Zurich, Switzerland, with offices in US, Europe and Singapore with a global market share exceeding 50 percent. They have been in business for more than 8o years and got into the water treatment sector since 2009. They have similar product “My bottle microfilter”, it is a multi-purpose filtration system, that meets EPA guidelines for the removal of bacteria. Each bottle includes drinking straw, internal carbon filter that cleans up to 100 liters depending on water

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