Pt Aqua

Topics: Bottled water, Water, Drinking water Pages: 4 (769 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Case Analysis Outline
1.Background Information

Time FrameCountry (ies)Key CharactersCompany Size

1973 - 1992IndonesiaTirto Utomo – chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

Willy Sidharta – president of the company in 1973
- - member of Technical Commission of the International Bottled Water AssociationLarge Scale Enterprise

PT Aqua Golden Mississippi was established on February 23, 1973 and is engaged in the manufacturing and bottling of drinking water. The company is domiciled in Jakarta and owned different factories in different places such as Bekasi, Citeureup and Mekarsasi, West Java. The Company markets its products in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Maldives and Taiwan under the brand name AQUA. In 1974, AQUA’s first product was launched in the form of 950 ml glass bottles from its Bekasi factory at a price of Rp.75 per bottle while in 1985 Aqua developed 220ml PET packaging for its bottled water, making Aqua products better quality and safer for consumption. Aqua believed that efficient distribution and advertising to differentiate and produce a brand loyalty are the keys to success. They used all media to market their product like radio, newspaper and magazine. There were Aqua distribution centers throughout Indonesia, operated by PT Witabuana Intrent, the sole distributor of Aqua products. Ubiquitous Aqua trucks ensured reliable delivery to retail outlets. Quality control was also one of the focuses of Aqua. They had modern laboratories for testing its product and in-house physicians, microbiologists and chemists. They had encountered problems in terms of downstream quality control. Besides retail stores, Aqua was sold by sidewalk vendors who sell cigarettes, soft drinks, snacks, and sometimes gasoline for motorcycles. 2.Summary of the Case Study

Summary (con’t.)
Often these outlets do not protect Aqua products from direct sunlight, dust, and strong odors which affected...
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