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DBQ- New England VS the Chesapeake Colonies
Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. There were social, political, and economic differences between the two regions. The main reason as to why this development occurred was that the Chesapeake concentrated on obtaining wealth whereas New England had strong religious beliefs.

With different goals in mind, the two regions separated due to the major difference of what the two groups wanted. Socially, The Chesapeake had settled in the region for gold and riches. With no other goal in mind, it was difficult for the Chesapeake to develop families and stable homes. Not to mention the uneven men to woman ratio and the lack of food supply for the Chesapeake (Document C). They set up plantations and made profit from tobacco. The New England region consisted of Puritans who wanted to purify the church and escape religious persecution because of how bad and corrupted the Church of England was. When the New England region were first beginning to settle, they had no intention to make any profit or were obsessed with finding gold like the Chesapeake. Instead, they wanted to create a place were they could worship freely. A very important difference between the Chesapeake and New England was that they (New England) came to the region in families (Document B). Because of that, the population there grew by itself, creating stable families with a better ratio between man and woman, in comparison to The Chesapeake, who struggled to create families and make the population grow. The Chesapeake had a smaller population when being compared to New England for the sole fact that New England had more women in their region. Both regions had trouble and tension with Native Americans. The south was involved with Bacon’s rebellion which later led on to Bacon’s manifesto (1676) were he justified his rebellion against the Virginia...
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