Application of Total Quality Management in the Construction Industry

Topics: Construction, Design, Process management Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: April 16, 2002
TQM is a philosophy of management driven by the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of all organizational processes, including employee participation, teamwork, and leadership.

There are five key principles:

1) Plan (drive direct)
2) Do (deploy, support, and participate)
3) Check (review)
4) Act (recognize, communicate, revise)

1) Training
2) Suggestive Scheme
3) Measurement + Recognition
4) Excellence Teams

1) Statistical process control
2) Team oriented problem solving (TOPS)

1) Systematic measurement + focus\
2) Excellence Teams
3) Cross-functional process management
4) Attain, maintain, + improve standards

1) Supplier partnership
2) Service relationship with internal customers
3) Never compromise quality
4) Customer driven standards

Implementation of TQM

Total Quality Management emphasizes detecting potential problems before they occur. There are five major areas of TQM, which are:

•Focus on quality and prevention of problems
•Cooperation with suppliers and customers
•Continuous improvement
•Encouragement of proper climate and employee empowerment
•Use of measurements to back decisions

In the process of TQM customers are the ones who define a quality product. Not only should employees inspect products or services while performing duties, but companies must design quality products. During the design process there should be input from customers, marketing and those who assemble the final product. A company implementing TQM should cooperate with suppliers and have a focus on customer satisfaction. Vendors should be treated as business partners with all parties working to deliver a quality product. In order for TQM to be successful suppliers must also implement it.

When implementing TQM one...
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