Apple: Human Resource Department Description and Analysis

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Fall 2012
|HUMAN |DESCRIPTION OF HRM FUNCTION/POLICIES |INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT | EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT | | |RESOURCE |AND PRACTICES RELEVANT TO THIS ISSUE |CONDITIONS, RELEVANT |CONDITIONS, RELEVANT | | |DEPARTMENT AND |AT COMPANY, ORGANIZATION (Including |ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS |ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS | | |FUNCTIONS |KSAs) | | |ADDITIONAL COMMENTS | |CATEGORIES | | | | | |SM: STRATEGIC HR AND |Mission - "Clear direction, individual|Collaborative and |In technology, competition|Mission Statement - “Apple designs| |hr DECISIONS FOR |accountability, a sense of urgency, |cooperative environment |is high |Macs, the best personal computers | |COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE |constant feedback, clarity of |Command-and-control |Google, HP, Samsung, etc. |in the world, along with OS X, | |AND /OR RESPONSE TO |mission—and you begin to have a sense |structure |Lawsuits |iLife, iWork and professional | |INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL |of Apple’s values"(Lashinsky, 2012, p.|Money is not the metric |Labor practices in China |software. Apple leads the digital | |ENVIRONMENTS |74). |Company gym isn’t even |Samsung and HTC – patent |music revolution with its iPods | | |Unique - "The ethos at Apple was |free! |issues |and iTunes online store. Apple has| | |always about its uniqueness and |No extracurricular |Government regulations |reinvented the mobile phone with | | |attention to detail is part of that |activities |International company |its revolutionary iPhone and App | | |ethos" (Lashinsky, 2012, p. 53). |Management changes | |Store, and is defining the future | | |Secretive operation - "Few companies, |Steve-less Apple! | |of mobile media and computing | | |indeed, are more secretive than Apple,|Recent firing of senior | |devices with iPad | | |or as punitive to those who dare |executives | | | | |violate the company’s rules on keeping|John Browett and Scott | |To succeed in a company where | | |tight control over information. |Forstall | |there is obsessive focus on detail| | |Employees have been fired for leaking | | |and paranoid guarding of secrets, | | |news tidbits to outsiders, and the | | |and where employees are asked to | | |company has been known to spread | | |work in a state of permanent | | |disinformation about product plans to | | |start-up, you must be willing to | | |its own workers" (Stone & Vance, 2009,| | |mesh your personal ambitions with | | |para. 1-2)....

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