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Apple Company

By OTABEK9101993 Jun 12, 2013 598 Words
Mega Environment

Technological Element

In today`s contemporarily world technologies are being changed by people in order to make them trustworthy and reliable. If we take a look at Apple Incorporation, we shall see the best technological elements that helped Apple to become a first main brand in this real world. PERFORMANCE: Fastest Processors and Mac OSX Operating System If we take an advantage of Mac computer or an IOS device such as the IPad or IPhone, the intended performance levels are usually achieved because of such dedication to set standards. OSX operating system is a way to challenge customers to buy Apple products. Because, all Apple products work with this operating system in order to be used. This operating system is faster than others and dedicated for expert users because of difficultness of menus.

DESIGN ART: Aesthetics and Ergonomics
Apple is a company that shows high aesthetic expressions in its products. If we pay attention the design of Apple products we shall see aesthetic style and ergonomics in its products. This the most significant reason for customers to use these products. Design affects people`s mood and changes approaches of producing technologies.

DURABILITY: Aluminum Laptops and Reinforced glass iPhones
When a company opts for a glass strengthened to be thirty times harder than plastic, and its own alloy forged to five times the strength of steel for use in the manufacture of a phone, the conclusion is pretty obvious. But historically, durability has always been a hallmark of Apple products. Indeed, Apple’s adoption of titanium for use in its Power Book G4 laptop range as far back as 2001 and the current employ of the “unibody” technology across the MacBook range are requisite examples of the importance it stresses on durability.

EASE OF USE: Graphic User Interface, Click-wheel and Multi-touch

Debatably, the first iPhone’s most remarkable virtue is its simplicity for use. Every task was achievable by the simple gesture of mere touch, and it thereby obliterated the myth that high IQ is needed to use a smart phone. This simplification of use is traceable in every evolution of its iPod music player lineups. Amongst its considerable length of ease-of-use achievements, would certainly be mentioned the Magic Track Pad, Click-Wheel, Magic Mouse and Multi-Touch™ technology. It merely beggars belief that rivals, even in copying, grossly fail to replicate the user experience resident in Apple products.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Unibody Technology and Patents

Apple is an undisputed leader in innovation. Consequently, it wields a portfolio of considerable patent holdings, and it is amongst a few select companies that can guarantee new technologies or advanced capabilities with every product refresh or introduction. Apple will continue to create new engineering methods, invent new materials and design new products.

Task Environment

Customers & Clients
Customer is person or organization that buys something from shop. Customers of Apple products is keeping to buy new versions of devices so that they may maintain learning the changes that happened over time. This is helpful for the company which continues its explorations about Phone manufacturing.

Client is a person who uses the services or advice of professional person or organization. Apple stores are a friendly place where Mac and PC users alike are encouraged to play with and explore the technology that the company offers. This is a space where Macheads can not only get service but also hang out with others who enjoy Apple products just as much as they do. By creating this space, Apple encourages current and new customers to get excited about what it has to offer.

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